Ratings & Reviews for Gold Star Plumbing & Heating

Gold Star Plumbing & Heating is among the top 30 highest rated plumbing companies in Greater Winnipeg. They rank in at number 25 on BestPlumbers.ca’s rating scale which evaluates and scores plumbers using more than 40 different factors. The rating system looks at all information available for every plumbing company in the Winnipeg area and scores each company according to three categories: Accountability & Trust, Online Reviews, and Warranties & Satisfaction Guarantees.

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Accountability & Trust

Gold Star Plumbing & Heating scores well in the category of accountability and trust. They have been in business for 25 years, and they have not had any complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau over the past 3 years. From our perspective, they could improve further by improving their rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Online Reviews

When it comes to online ratings and reviews, the company could do better by improving on some of their low reviews on HomeStars. It would be nice to see more reviews for this company. So if you use them, make sure to let everyone know how they did by leaving a review for them on Google, HomeStars, or Yelp.

Warranties & Satisfaction Guarantee

Gold Star Plumbing & Heating

795 Wallace Ave East
St Paul, MB R2E 0G2  

We believe it is very important that every plumber assure the quality of their work in some way. The most common ways to do this are with a parts and labour warranty and sometimes – in the best cases – with a satisfaction guarantee on top of all this. A satisfaction guarantee assures you, the one footing the bill, that the work you pay for is not finished until you’re satisfied that it’s done.

While warranties and satisfaction guarantees are fairly common in some Canadian cities, only 30% of plumbing services publically offer them in Greater Winnipeg.

Gold Star Plumbing & Heating has not publicly released any information about supplying clients with a specific warranty or satisfaction guarantee.

Our Score for Gold Star Plumbing & Heating

In the bar graphs below, you can see that our overall score for Gold Star Plumbing & Heating is Fair at 42%. Their Accountability & Trust score is good and adds up to 60%. Our adjusted Online Review score for them is low at 18%, but their Warranties & Satisfaction Guarantee score is 0% since they haven’t provided any public information about this.

Overall Score
Accountability & Trust
Online Reviews
Warranties & Satisfaction Guarantee
None Published 

Has No rating and

In business 25 years (since 1995).

Google: 0 reviews | 0% Score from Clients

Yelp.ca: 0 reviews | 0% Score from Clients

HomeStars: 3 reviews | 80% Score from Clients

Score for Gold Star Plumbing & Heating is decreased by:

  • No Better Business Bureau rating
  • Lower level of accountability – not accredited by and accountable to the Better Business Bureau
  • Low online reviews

Their score is increased by:

  • Many years in business with no complaints
Gold Star Plumbing & Heating


795 Wallace Ave East, St Paul, Manitoba R2E 0G2

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Discounts & Coupons for Gold Star Plumbing & Heating

We currently aren’t aware of any discounts or coupons for Gold Star Plumbing & Heating, but if you take a look on one of our city pages, you’ll find all publicly listed discounts for local plumbers in each plumber’s ratings profile.

Tips for Hiring a Plumber

Regardless of how well a company ranks or how good their reviews are, it’s always a good idea to get a quote from at least 3 different plumbers before hiring anyone to work for you. To give you some additional insights into what to look for when hiring a plumber we’ve created an article to help you get the best bang for your buck.