Advertising on

We are now allowing advertising on two places on

  1. On our city ranking pages
  2. On our individual company profile pages

City Ranking Pages

On our city ranking pages that list and rank the best plumbers in a specific city, 3 advertising spots are available. The cost to advertise in each spot is as follows:

  1. $400 per month for the first ad that is highest up on the page
  2. $300 per month for the next highest ad
  3. $200 per month for the lowest ad on the page

Advertising in these spots is restricted to the top ranked plumbing companies. The highest ad on the page is first offered to the highest ranked plumbing company. If they don’t wish to advertise, then the next highest ranked company is given the opportunity to advertise. We continue in this fashion working our way down the ranking list until the three advertising spots are filled. It is our intention to only allow top ranked plumbing companies to advertise on our city ranking pages.

When you pay for one of the advertising levels listed above, your ad will show up on all of our city pages for each of the municipalities within your entire metropolitan area that you serve. The only exception to this is the Greater Toronto Area (it is split into two areas: Toronto and then all surrounding municipalities/cities).

If your company only serves a small part of your metropolitan area, we can adjust the first two ad rates to better reflect the smaller area that you may wish to advertise to.

You can see an example of 3 ads on a city page here.

Company Review Pages

For top ranked plumbing companies in each city, we have a unique company review page for each company. Every company is allowed to advertise on their own company review page. The cost of advertising is $50 per month. If a company spends $300 or more in advertising with us per month, then we will include their company review page ad for free.

You can see an example of an ad on a company review page here.

Creating a Company Ad

Any company that advertises with us is welcome to provide us with their own 300 pixel wide x 250 pixel high ad. However, we can also create a complementary ad for a company once they sign up to advertise with us. Please note: a company ad cannot include any reference to either their ranking on or anything about However, it can promote any aspect of a company’s services – including features that aren’t mentioned on

Advertising Does Not Effect Rankings

Whether a company choose to advertise on or not, this has no effect on their ranking. Our ranking algorithm is not informed of anyone’s decision to advertise or not advertise. Our goal is to always remain as objective as possible, and we do not allow advertising to influence our rankings in any way.

How to Move Forward with Advertising

If you would like to advertise on or have any questions, feel free to contact us. We can also schedule a phone call if you’d like to chat about things too.