Our General Advertising Policy

For our first 6 years, we didn’t have any advertising on the site. We were all about reviews and only about reviews. However, as we grew and added more depth and complexity to our analysis, developing and programming algorithms and new functionality became more and more significant. To tackle these challenges and move the site forward, it has become necessary to raise funds to pay for these things. So we now allow a bit of advertising on each page of the site. Each advertisement is clearly marked, and we only allow high ranked plumbers in each city we cover to advertise. We feel that by only allowing highly ranked companies to advertise, that is another way we can promote excellence.

Whether a company chooses to advertise on the site or not has no impact on their ranking. Our ranking algorithm never knows who is advertising. It always comes up with its rankings on its own and is in no way influenced by who may or may not be advertising.

If you are a plumbing company and you’d like to advertise on the site, you learn more here.