Great Canadian Printer for Making Digital Scrapbooks & Printing Photobooks

One of our team members at created a photobook / digital scrapbook through a local Canadian printer, Treasure Book Printers. Our team was so impressed with the beautiful book they created that we thought we’d help them out a bit by letting others know what a good job they did.

Our team member recently traveled to Germany and came back with a lot of great pictures of family, friends, and the villages, towns, and countryside she saw. The book is simply gorgeous. The colours in the photos are deep and rich, and the pages feel solid with a nice weight to them. The pages have just the right amount of shine to them without being too glossy. The  hardcover photobook cover also looks really professional and feels top notch, and the binding is first rate – something super professional that anyone would be proud to display on their coffee table.

If you’re thinking of making a photobook to capture a recent vacation or to properly display the many great photos you’ve taken, based on what  we’ve seen, we would definitely recommend Treasure Book Printers. They serve communities across Canada. Here’s their list of cities they serve:

British Columbia – Printing for Digital Scrapbooks & Making Photobooks

Alberta – Printing Photobooks & Digital Scrapbooks

Saskatchewan – Making Digital Scrapbooks & Photo Books

Manitoba – Printing for Photobooks & Making Digital Scrapbooks

Ontario – Making Photobooks & Digital Scrapbook Printing

Nova Scotia – Making Photobooks & Digital Scrapbook Printing
New Brunswick – Printing Scrapbooks & Making Digital Photobooks
Newfoundland – Printing for Digital Scrapbooks & Making Photobooks
Prince Edward Island – Printing Photo Books & Digital Scrapbooks
Yukon – Making Digital Scrapbooks & Photobooks

While we kind of dumped their whole list of cities here, these guy’s work is really good. It really speaks for itself. If you want a quality photobook or digital scrapbook printed right the first time, go with them. We’re quite sure you’ll be glad you did. The other cool thing too is that they’re a Canadian printer. So you don’t lose on the exchange having your book printed in the states, and you get to support some top quality Canadian craftsmen.