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There are many important factors to look at when deciding which plumbing company to trust with your with your home, your time, and your money. Here are the factors we use in our ratings to find the best plumbers in every city across Canada.

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If you live in one of the Canadian cities we cover, check our plumber ratings to get an idea of who the best plumbing companies are in your area. This should save you a whole lot of time and increase your chances of hiring a quality plumber that you will be happy with.

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What is a Licensed Plumber? What Does This Mean?

Good to Know: A licensed plumber is someone who has successfully obtained their trades qualification from a recognized post-secondary school offering apprenticeship plumbing programs. Some plumbers may have an additional Red Seal, which is an inter-provincial standards program that allows a trades worker, like a plumber, to have their provincial trades qualification recognized in other provinces.

Plumbers do not need to be licensed in all cities and provinces, so a trades qualification is what many people refer to when they look for a licensed plumber. A municipal business license is also required for any large or small plumbing company.